In Life

In life, we come to an impasse,
But we must climb over it
To move onward, and look beyond
The darkness that envelops us.
Burst forth like the sunshine,
And find a way through
The shows that try to devour
Me and you.
Fight for the life you want,
Do not hesitate to move
And go forward with dreams,
Since life is so short.
Obscurity, murkiness,
Defeated by the struggles
We endure everyday but,
By waking up we win the battle
And by moving forward we win the war.
Do not let the darkness tell you
That life is all about evil and hardship,
And that what you do is useless, because,
The darkness will always be there.
Let the light shine through you,
And pierce these evils away, so
That you may look forward,
To another new day.

I wish you peace,
I wish you love,
I wish you many things
But most of all,
I wish you joy.


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