I have finally finished my last assignment forever in college, my portfolio. College has been a strain to my creativity, you wouldn’t think so but I have experienced things that I wish I hadn’t and I pray that college students in the future do not. Sadly, though, reality is not as kind as wishful thinking. However, I will say my experiences have made me stronger than when I began my undergrad program.

Now that I am finally done with my master’s I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life. Seven years of my life has been consumed by college and thus my creativity dwindled. College dragged my creativity to an all time low due to my self-esteem punctured by criticism that I felt unfair, and due to the fact that I am not an academic person and never will be. While I love to research I do not view research as solely academic. Even writers need to research sometimes for their novels and stories.

I am not going to rush into my writing I will take it a day at a time. So if I seem slow at posting and then eventually it speeds up, that is why. I will post what I feel I can post at the time. My main goal, however, is to finish a novel series I am starting to work on. I was using Scrivener but it just does not work for me, I will figure it out another time.

However, I hope you enjoy the poetry and other writings that will be found here. My writings are original unless stated otherwise. I do not believe in plagiarism and will try my best to cite my sources. if I cannot cite a source please feel free to let me know where it is. I will also post pictures and music and other inspirational items on this blog. They might not help you but you never know and I like to share when I can!

Thank you for any interest in this blog it is greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoyed your visit!


Estrella (pseudonym)


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