In Life

In life, we come to an impasse, But we must climb over it To move onward, and look beyond The darkness that envelops us. Burst forth like the sunshine, And find a way through The shows that try to devour Me and you. Fight for the life you want, Do not hesitate to move And... Continue Reading →

The world gazes at me

The world gazes at me through different colored lens, s sometimes it's rosey, sometimes it's grim. But the world I stare at has some hope has some melancholy but it is the world I see. Your world is different mine is different too, but we live together through and through. We live together on the... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I wonder why I even bother at all. Sometimes I just want to scream and throw everything, break it into pieces. Sometimes, for once I would just like someone to give an actual damn about me. I’m human. I’m not invincible. I’m vulnerable. I’m a person who suffers depression but hides it. No more.... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I feel life is tears. Tears of happiness. Rare. Tears of sadness. Plenty. Tears of many things. Universal. But most of all I feel that tears, take up most of my time. Even when I don’t want to cry But cannot help the liquid gushing from the heart and dripping onto the floor.


I have finally finished my last assignment forever in college, my portfolio. College has been a strain to my creativity, you wouldn't think so but I have experienced things that I wish I hadn't and I pray that college students in the future do not. Sadly, though, reality is not as kind as wishful thinking.... Continue Reading →

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